GST BOCES Request for Arts in Education/Exploratory Enrichment

Note: Schools are responsible to make all reservations and arrangements prior to submitting an application; GST reviews and approves that the requested events align to NYS standards for the arts or curriculum enrichment, prepares the contracts, and processes payments (Payments to be processed after the event.) This process can take 4-6 weeks in some cases, so you must fill out this form well ahead of the program date.

Deadline for all requests to be submitted for the fiscal year is May 15th.

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  • 1. Consultants are allowed to have contact with students only when a district employee is present. Completion of this form confirms that your school personnel understand this and that consultants will not be asked to violate this rule.
  • 2. School districts are to have fingerprint checks on any artist/vendors providing events in-district for more than 5 dates in a school year.
  • 3. It is the responsibility of the school to contact Instructional Support at AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if any changes or cancellations occur. GST BOCES will pay an artist or vendor unless we hear otherwise from that school that the program/event was cancelled or rescheduled.